A World Where All Women Thrive.

World Pulse

  • What We Did
    • Full CSS overhaul
    • Social Networking functions
    • Drupal CMS
    • Grunt compiling
    • Profile driven interactions
    • Mobile friendly
    • Sign up functions
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World Pulse is a project we built in conjunction with the team at Manati in Costa Rica. BFC was primarily brought on board to handle front end styling of the site, with Manati handling the Drupal setup and functionality, and our long-term design partners Free Range providing a series of visually arresting templates.


World Pulse is the first social networking site we’ve built at BFC, with its primary purpose to create a hub that connects women on a worldwide scale. The breadth of its ambition required multiple teams working together, and we slotted in by setting up SASS stylesheets that were compiled using a Grunt task runner.

The homepage is the vital entry point to the project, encompassing striking visuals and key functionality. World Pulse’s user base is the beating heart of the site, and here you can gain access to the profiles and posts of the most popular users, alongside a top bar that advertises all the new features we helped install during the build process.

World Pulse is a social network connecting women worldwide for change. Users are encouraged to join in its digital uprising and help power a revolution—one click, one comment, one connection at a time.

Profile Pages

The Changemakers section of the site offers a way to view members who are creating social change on the ground, online, and around the world. Clicking on any user on this page takes you to their individual profile page, which is a feature-rich stack of information about their activities.

Individual profile pages include information on who they are, as well as video content, stories, resources, posts they’ve loved, and comments and encouragement they’ve given elsewhere on World Pulse. An easy tabbing system helps navigate all this information, while a left sidebar offers a concise summation of their work on the site.