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Jacobs Institute

  • What We Did
    • Foundation/SASS components
    • WordPress backend
    • Flexible content grid
    • Full site build
    • Content migration
    • Client training
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We executed a full site overhaul for the Jacobs Institute at UC Berkeley in early 2015, helping mirror their commitment to real-world design by providing a digital portal to match. The site is fully responsive; gives the Jacobs staff an option to switch out hero images, videos, and slideshows; and offers an effective events calendar and other listings pages that use Ajax plugins to load more content into the page.

Home Page

The neat front page for the Jacobs’ website effectively distills everything found on its internal and listings pages. There are slideshows illustrating various components of the organization, a jQuery fueled dropdown menu, and important course and news/events information. Viewed on a mobile device, the site retains all its vital components in a clean and easy-to-read fashion.

We worked from designs provided by our regular partners at the Free Range team, who combined striking full-width images with eye-catching fonts in the Brandon and Lexia ranges. The Jacobs Institute is a broad church, welcoming artists, engineers, and people with a forward-thinking idea in the design field, so the site was constructed for maximum usability to anyone who may come across it.

The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation is Berkeley’s interdisciplinary hub for students, teachers and practitioners who love working at the intersection of design and technology. We empower you with a place to explore, a place to connect and a place to learn the way you learn best – by doing.

Listing Page

One of the highlights of the Jacobs site is the listings pages, all bathed in an off-red color with optional tabbed browsing for certain items. These pages offer the institute a chance to highlight important events and happenings in their calendar via a top level box, plus further detail as the page descends.

Drawing on an AJAX page loading system, we designed these pages for maximum flexibility. They can be adapted to include tabbed functionality, single page loads, and a special filtering system that allows Jacobs to eliminate past events from their calendar without even pressing a button.