Streamlining Help.


  • What We Did
    • Responsive Website Design
    • Graphic Design / Illustration
    • WordPress Multisite
    • Salesforce CRM
    • Ongoing Support
Visit Site is a unique organization that provides an immense number of resources to schools and families for the education of homeless students. We created a fully responsive website from design to launch with a focus on making this critical information more accessible to their users.

Directing Traffic

The design focuses on usability and simplicity to mitigate confusion and get users the materials they need as efficiently as possible. To that end, we avoided designs that felt too overly trendy or modern, and instead highlighted resource-finding functionalities like filtering, sorting, and searching.

Front and center on the homepage is a slider directing users to the four most important areas of the site, based on research into what current users were looking for the most. We wanted to use images to help tell the story, but not dominate the design. We made sure the language used was simpler and straightforward, and that there were very clear paths for help, training, and support.

We essentially wanted to create a website for NYSTEACHS that would solve the problems that current users and staff members were having. We achieved this by streamlining the front-end while making the back-end much easier to update.

Resources Grid

We implemented an organized grid of resource cards, rich with details and filterable by simple category tags. This provided a clean, at-a-glance view of information for a user to digest. Rollovers and other interactions are kept bold and obvious.