Latinos Are a Force.

Latino Community Foundation

  • What We Did
    • Showy looping video
    • Bootstrap code base
    • Distinct numerical animation
    • Accordion effects
    • Fully responsive
    • Masonry blog setup
    • Featherweight load times
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The Latino Community Foundation is founded on a three-point plan, which is beautifully illustrated via the visually striking design of their website. We built out video components, compelling scrolling effects, and integrated fundraising elements, helping provide a unique and arresting portal to bolster the organization’s web presence.


The homepage for the site begins with a looping video clip that highlights the message of the site. It then proceeds to lay out the three major areas LCF covers–building a philanthropic movement, investing in Latino-led organizations, and increasing political participation. Simple yet attractive link buttons, images, and text combine to outline the message.

Striking stats, presented in expanding boxes, further emphasize the mission of LCF, and an attractive carousel highlights important events and social media messaging. Importantly for any non-profit, there are several links to the site’s donation page, firstly in the sticky header and then overlaid in a large photo display at the foot of the page.

LCF exists to unleash the power of Latinos in California. We fulfill our mission by building a movement of civically engaged philanthropic leaders, investing in Latino-led organizations, and increasing political participation of Latinos in California.

Nuestra Voz

The “Nuestra Voz” (our voice) section is a powerfully presented introduction to the blogging platform integrated into the site. There’s a “masonry” layout to the page, assembled using the Isotope plugin, which allows for blocks of odd sizes and shapes to seamlessly slot together, bucking the rather uniform straight-across “grid” style found on countless sites around the web.

Blocks of text and images offer links to explore individual posts, where key issues are discussed, and comments and social media links invite interaction from the LCF audience. The page perfectly realigns for mobile widths, settling into a straight column for ease-of-use on phones and other devices that require a simpler layout.