Purpose Driven Design.

Free Range / Thrive

  • What We Did
    • WordPress build
    • Looping video components
    • Assimilation with Thrive micro-site
    • Foundation responsive framework
    • Video and audio setup
    • Lightning fast load times
    • Modal window integration
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BFC has worked extensively with the forward-thinking design studio Free Range over the years. In 2017, Free Range expanded their remit to include a conversation-based series named Thrive, in the process providing us with a series of designs from which we helped carve out a striking web presence for both outlets.


The homepage for the Free Range site works as a dynamic visual showcase for everything the firm offers, from Thrive content to projects they have worked on to a sampling of the eye-catching design they regularly produce. The upper part of the page includes an absorbing animation loop that perfectly incapsulates their inclusive central mission.

Elsewhere, there are subscribe boxes, modal windows, a dynamic top bar that reverts to a “hamburger”-style dropdown on scroll, and several entryways into their conversation series–Thrive. The stark color scheme and striking graphics offer an effective way introduction to Free Range’s mission, demonstrating their penchant for brand building, movement making, and problem solving.

We are brand builders, movement makers, problem solvers, and partners for organizations who need to innovate, grow and navigate change. We’re on a mission to provide the perfect blend of purpose-driven business innovation and creative, executing in ways that are inspired, resourceful and immediately useful to you and your organization’s needs.


Thrive originally existed as a site unto itself, ultimately getting tightly integrated into the Free Range universe by becoming part of the freerange.com URL when we helped relaunch the brand in April 2017. The homepage of Thrive mirrors that of Free Range, with a few key cosmetic differences.

The most significant change is the ability to stream audio clips from Thrive conversations right off the landing page for the hub. A compact HTML5-based player opens at the bottom left of the page and then “follows” the user around the site, allowing them to keep track of the conversation as they browse both Free Range and/or Thrive content.